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on working in chicago

Long time no update. Finally went ahead and rejected MSFT's offer. The HR people were understandably pretty surprised, but I think I managed to explain it to them.

I've been driving up to Chicago for training every Monday (3 hour drive each way, yikes!), waking up at 6am and not getting back until past 8 or 9 pm. On the plus side, the company reimburses me for gas + wear & tear on the car, so it hasn't been so bad. I actually rather enjoy driving on the interstate, it is nice to have time just listening to music for a few hours a week, but Chicago traffic is certainly unpleasant.

Driving playlist:
ABBA - Gold Greatest Hits
Rufus Wainwright - Want One
Ladytron - Light and Magic
Freezepop - Fancy Ultra-fresh

In any case, it's been pretty informative, everyone at work is very friendly, and the place has a relatively relaxed atmosphere. I've been spending some time with the tech guys learning their backend systems, and I've been spending some time with the accounting and finance department because it's just work that I'm going to probably take over in Hawaii. I don't want to tell the accountants this, but I'm probably going to replace them with a very small shell script. This Monday I think I'm going to sit down with some of the research guys and the traders to see how they operate. I'm getting pretty excited about the job now, it seems like a lot of interesting stuff to learn. I've also been reading some books my boss in Hawaii recommended to me, and I've been learning how to use a Bloomberg terminal with the public one available in the business library on campus.

What with my brain only able to focus on one one thing at a time, my attention to school has reached new lows. I think I made it to one class this entire past week. Still, I just need to graduate, and that means a B- in my three classes, which is no problem. Ah, the depths to which we sink. Anyway, I'm hoping that one of my projects will lead to a paper later this year, but we shall see. It'd be nice to have some vindication of my ability to conduct research, even as I flee academia.

Also, I think it's been over a month since I last went to Aikido. I think that's the explanation for my sluggishness and fatigue.
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