aquitone (aquitone) wrote,

on the holidays

Well, definitely lots to write about since the last update. I should probably do these things more often, but things just get too hectic sometimes I suppose. I actually wrote most of this before I left for Hawaii, but then got too lazy to finish it, and I just now have Internet access at my apartment (see next post).

End of semester
The semester was wrapped up in the usual fashion. I did well on the one exam I needed to do well on, and did poorly on the one exam I could afford to fail, so it evened out. I submitted a paper for a conference and supposedly set the wheels in motion for a patent application. Given the bureaucracy, I'm not sure if the patent stuff will ever get off the ground unless I push for it, but at least it's started. I bought some U of I t-shirts, because they had a three for one special, and it's my pattern to purchase things displaying my school ties only as I am leaving the school.

Winter Storm
On my way home to Birmingham, I managed to get caught in the big snow storms in Kentucky. While my dad had called me earlier to warn me that it might get snowy, I thought I would beat the storm since I was leaving pretty early, and it wasn't going to snow until late afternoon, according to the weather reports. The bad news started when I was in southern Illinois, and traffic was reduced to 30 mph in one lane, as the left lane was frozen over. Some of the more fool^H^H^H^Hadventurous people would pass some of the slower cars on the icy lane.

Long story short (you wouldn't believe how much text I just cut out), traffic was at a literal standstill for four hours because of an overturned semi, and then I foolishly pressed on towards Nashville through a blizzard instead of finding a motel. I finally limped into whizaway's apartment parking lot at 1:30am with only one functioning windshield wiper, some 16 hours after I left my apartment in Illinois. The trip usually takes about 6 hours to get to Nashville, and it took me some 10 hours to go the last 100 miles. There was no single "oh my god I'm going to die" moment, but it was kind of a background stress for a very long period of time. I thought it was fitting that I be treated to such horrible winter weather right before I leave for the tropics.

Alumni Reunion
Alumni reunion happened again, as it does every year. Once again it was interesting to see where people have ended up since I last spoke to them. This year I actually spoke to a lot of teachers, which I didn't do in previous years. Most everyone did a bit of a double take when I told them I was up and moving to Hawaii. I think my class of 54 has 8 or 9 lawyers-to-be, and only 2 doctors-to-be. What with the holidays for my job, I don't think I'm going to be able to make the next alumni reunion.

All in all, the holidays were okay. This was the first year we spent it without my sister (she came home for Thanksgiving though), and I was basically just fatigued and tired throughout the whole thing.
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