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Recommended reads:

* The Comics Curmudgeon: Snarky critical commentary on the comic strips.

* Spamusement: Comics based on spam email subjects.

* Lifehacker: Random useful things.

* Query Letters I Love: Rejected movie proposals.

I went ahead and joined Netflix when I learned that they had a distribution center in Honolulu. Their site helpfully states that "Most customers add 6-10 movies to their Rental Queue during their first visit." I added 160 movies on my first visit. Interestingly enough, the first movie I received was Cinemania, a documentary about obsessive compulsives who spend every day of their lives watching movies in New York City.


In other news, I've been going surfing for the past month or so, in lieu of taking flying lessons. Renting a board costs $8 a day, as opposed to the $160 / hr. an airplane + instructor would cost. Even though I've been going once or twice a week for a while now, I'm still quite bad at it, catching waves more by chance than skill. Still, there's something about it that seems to have really hooked me.

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