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on returning (to lj)

Hmm, I haven't posted an update here in ... 9 months, wow. I also don't think I've kept up with my friends entries in about two months or so, though I am trying to go back through and read what I've missed.

Anyway, it never seems like there's much to write about anymore, unfortunately. I've moved into a much nicer apartment, one with hardwood floors, one that doesn't shake when buses drive by. It's on the 19th floor and has a nice view of the sewage-polluted Ala Wai canal and (presumably not sewage-polluted) golf course. Perhaps pics later.

I recently purchased a Roomba, one of those little robotic vacuum cleaners. It is like having a puppy around, you track where it is by the sound, and scurry over in a panicked oh-my-god-i-hope-he's-not-chewing-on-an-extension-cord when you hear strange noises.

In other news, I haven't been going surfing quite as much. I guess the whole fighting-for-a-wave thing got tiring, and I guess I just don't feel like courting confrontation in my down time. It's not the most relaxing thing for me, wondering when I will get into my next shouting match.

In its place, I joined the local gym and have been working out about 4-5 times a week. It's not quite like the super chic gym in Seattle, but it gets the job done. In typical meathead-wannabe fashion, I now choke down protein shakes and try to eat 3000 calories a day in order to gain weight with my hyper metabolism.

Took my first sick day ever today. I went to work, did my pre-market routine and just felt horrible, so I left. Some Sudafed, two naps, and Beverly Hills Ninja later, I am feeling a bit better.

Looking forward to visiting iwillcutyou in Seattle in a few weeks, who is apparently destroying his townhouse in order to save it. I think it's been a year since I took time off for a vacation.

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